We are ready to support you make your event a success. Please contact our Office with your concerns. We will do our best to customize supports according To your needs.

Financial Support

Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association (NITCA) supports our clients with various programs in addition to grants. We will grant subsidy within the limits of our budget. Our aim is to ensure the success of the convention and meet the expectation set by the organizer.

Total number of
overnight guests
Conventions beyond
Kyushu regional scope
Kyushu regional conventions
hosted by rotating prefecture
200 to 299 Approximate JPY200,000 Approximate JPY100,000
300 to 499 Approximate JPY300,000 Approximate JPY150,000
500 to 999 Approximate JPY500,000 Approximate JPY250,000
1,000 to 1,499 Approximate JPY1,000,000 Approximate JPY500,000
1,500 to 1,999 Approximate JPY1,500,000 Approximate JPY750,000
2,000 to 2,999 Approximate JPY2,000,000 Approximate JPY1,000,000
3,000 and more Approximate JPY3,000,000 Approximate JPY1,500,000

* Following conventions do not qualify for the subsidy:
1. Profit-making purposes
2. Intended for political or religious activities
3. Organized by national or local governments
4. Already in receipt of other subsidy or financial aids from the national or local governments

* Calculation of total number of overnight guests requires a certificate of overnight stay issued by each accommodation venues. If this is not feasible, the organizer may submit a written letter of request attaching a participant list those from outside Nagasaki Prefecture. The calculation scheme when used this list is as follows:Number of participants from out of Nagasaki Prefecture x (number of days a convention held - 1 day) - number of partial participants’ overnight stay days. For a one-day only conference, a certificate of overnight stay issued by accommodating venues must be submitted.

* If you are interested in receiving the subsidy, please contact NITCA by October of the previous year of the scheduled conference.

Subsidy on Entertainment Attractions

Subsidies are provided to enhance the quality of entertainment performed during the convention.This subsidy is additionally available above and beyond regular subsidies and Off-Season subsidy.

Total number of overnight guests Amount
1,000 to 1,999 Approximate JPY50,000
2,000 and more Approximate JPY100,000

Promotional Assistance

Discounts at sightseeing facilities

For a convention size of 50 or more participants, there is a discount by applying in advance.

Free Welcome Signage

According to the total number of overnight guests, free "Welcome" signage boards can be displayed at the following locations:
- Nagasaki Airport(regardless of the overnight guest numbers)
- JR Nagasaki Station ticket gates(with 500 or more overnight guests)

Informational Materials Dissemination

We furnish the following materials for free, regardless of the size of a conference.
- Sightseeing brochures (available in English, Chinese [Simplified Chinese characters, Traditional Chinese characters], and Korean)
- Tote bags
- Envelopes for materials

Introducing suppliers
that specialize in conventions

We introduce specialized suppliers for planning, operating, printing and advertising, accommodations, excursions or souvenir shops.

Providing brochures to promote the convention and lending tourism materials.

NITCA will provide the organizer with brochures to promote the convention in Nagasaki City, as well as lends out the organizer with photos and videos to promote.